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Why Choose Cardiology in Bhalke Hospital

We, proudly state that Sai Preet Bhalke  hospital is the 1st hospital to have, state of the art CATH LAB in Bidar with full time cardiology services to the people. We have well experienced, dedicated & brilliant team of cardiologists working round the clock giving services at the most needed hour & saving lives!!! We have done 1200+ angiograms & 700+ angioplasties & done 10+ major implants at our hospital. We have stabilised hundreds of cardiac patients and have really brought a new meaning to the ‘Golden hour’.

We are happy to cater to the numerous patients who had to reach Hyderabad earlier for any cardiac services. Now, it’s all at their doorstep.

We even have the credit of doing paediatric cardiac procedure 1st time in Bidar.

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