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Dr Somshekhar Bhalke, being a native of the Bidar district, was highly concerned with the health care facilities available at Bidar. Initially, both the doctors have started their journey by joining Prayavi Multi Speciality Hospital Bidar as consultants.
Subsequently, they joined Gurunanak Multi Speciality Hospital and Apex Multi Speciality Hospital for a period of another two years.
During the course of their experience as consultants in these hospitals, they have realized the requirement vis-a-vis the availability of medical facilities.
They found an acute dearth of facilities depriving the essential medical services to the people of Bidar district.
This feeling made them realize that there must be a super and multi-specialty hospital at Bidar.

With this idea in mind, they initially started a 20 bedded mother and child care hospital known as “ Saipreet Bhalke Mother and Child Care Center”, in 2004.
This center has run successfully for a period of eight years and applauded by the people of Bidar. By this time they have become well-known doctors in the district in their respective fields.
During this period Dr. Somshekhar Bhalke has realized that there is no exclusive Pediatric hospital in Bidar which is a basic requirement.
With this background, during the year 2007, along with his friend and classmate Dr.Sudarshan Raj, he started a 40 bedded exclusive tertiary care pediatric center by name “Ms.Bachpan Comprehensive Care Hospital”.
This hospital has run very successfully and earned its own name and fame during the period of 2007-2012 i.e five years. By this time they acquired tremendous confidence and earned the goodwill of the people and have become very familiar to the people Bidar district.

At this stage, the entire doctor friends community had started supporting the idea of creating a  sophisticated multi-specialty hospital, which incidentally was the dream of Dr.Somshekhar Bhalke.
This is how the idea of starting Saipreet Bhalke  Hospital, a dream project of Dr.Somshekhar Bhalke took birth.
The project work started in 2012 and was blossomed in 2014. On the inauguration day i.e.02.02.2014, the hospital had the fortune of, among other VIPs, the presence of Mrs.Kalpaja D A, the Director of Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre Bengaluru as the  Chief Guest.
VIMS Bengaluru is a very well-known medical institution in Karnataka. 

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